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Organisational success depends on people. Where there are people, sooner or later there will be problems but there will also be potentialLet us help you achieve that success by finding solutions and realising that potential!

Our focus is on people. So, if your job is all about helping people or dealing with people issues, or you want to know more about the problems we can all face as people, this is the place for you! Our services are divided into The Avenue Learning Centre and The Avenue Survey Centre:

Effective learningThe Avenue Learning Centre offers a growing range of learning resources for organisations and for individual learners. We offer DVDs and video-based learning; e-learning courses; training manuals; and the innovative Avenue Professional Development Programme, a subscription-based online learning community tutored by Dr Neil Thompson.

Effective researchThe Avenue Survey Centre offers our online Well-being Survey to help you establish what your organisation is doing well so that you can build on it and identify areas for development to build up. We also offer bespoke survey development services to suit your organisation’s specific needs.

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