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Welcome to the Avenue Survey Centre

Professionally developed expert survey services can be an invaluable aid to organisational effectiveness by helping to provide a picture of key aspects of organisational life.

The Avenue Well-being Survey

Avenue Media Solutions provide a survey service relating to workplace well-being.  This 100-question online survey, developed by human relations expert, Dr Neil Thompson, can help organisations to take seriously the challenges of workplace well-being in order to help their employees to realise their full potential. It has been designed to allow organisations to gain valuable feedback from their employees. Structured into ten key areas, this important tool enables managers and human resource professionals to identify key well-being issues, in particular:

  • What is going well? The survey helps to identify strong points that can bebuilt on to bring about even more success.
  • What is not going so well? Areas of concern and possible unrest can be identified before they do harm to morale, productivity, recruitment and retention and so on. Armed with this information, enlightened employers can work out how to build up these areas and, ideally, turn them into areas of strength.

The survey is available at four levels of service:

  • Bronze We provide you with the tabulated results of the survey and a very brief commentary from one of our specialist consultants.
  • Silver We provide the tabulated results together with a report from one of our specialist consultants. The report includes an analysis of the results, commenting on their significance, and a set of recommendations.
  • Gold As for silver, but with a presentation of the report to your board or senior management team.
  • Platinum As for gold, but with a negotiated package of consultancy and/or training to support the recommendations.

Bespoke Survey Services

We are also able to use our expertise to work closely with your organisation to design a survey that will help you to investigate whatever aspect of your people management issues that are causing you concern or presenting challenges for you. This could include issues relating to, for example, alcohol and drug misuse; stress; bullying and harassment; sickness absence management; conflict; teamwork; and leadership.

We can also design bespoke training needs surveys. Simplistic, standardised training needs surveys can be very misleading, especially when they neglect the fact that training should be just one source of learning in organisations. Our extensive experience of helping organisations to maximise learning enables us to design surveys tailored specifically to the needs and circumstances of the organisation concerned, taking full account of how learning can and should feature throughout organisational life and not just on training courses.

To find out more about how the Avenue Well-being Survey and/or our bespoke survey development services can help your organisation to maximise its effectiveness or to arrange a free, no-obligation initial consultation, use the Contact Us link at the bottom right-hand side of this page or call us on: 01978 781173. We will be happy to help!


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